There isn't much difference from Madden 18

User Rating: 4 | Madden NFL 19 XONE

Starting off, as usual with every Madden entry, the main hud has been simplified so there is simply 4 options on the screen, I like that. I felt that in recent games, There were far too many sub menus and it was just a pain to go from one thing to the next so I will give credit to them for cleaning it up a bit. Sadly, There's really the only thing I like about this game.

Ultimate Teams plays very much the same, There's no difference and nothing new added. Longshot is back with a continuation of the story but sadly, The lack of dialogue options and moral choices really bring it down. Essentially, You have to suffer through an hour of cutscenes in order to play maybe 20-30 minutes of football. It sucks and the story is so painfully unoriginal and cliched, I couldn't get into it. And franchise mode is pretty much the same as well, The only difference is that there are a few more graphics throw into the mix.

Now the gameplay, as usual, gets a slight tune up but for the better oddly enough. Defences play a lot more realistically and provide much more of a challenge. But aside from that, It's the same old Madden gameplay that we are all used to at this point. And I don't get the point of hyping up how the graphics "look better". They don't, At least not noticeably enough to warrant praising the improvements.

Overall: 4/10
Madden 19 offers nothing different from Madden 18 aside from minor tune-ups. So don't bother wasting your time buying it.