How much did GS get paid for this review?

User Rating: 4 | Madden NFL 18 XONE

I honestly would love to know how much Gamespot got paid for this review? I think that is a great question that must be answered because there is no way that Madden 18 is a 9/10 game. And you can see such a big difference in scores when the reviewer is giving it a 9 and the users are giving it an average of about 6. My score is naturally gonna bring that average down a bit.

To save you all some trouble, The franchise mode and gameplay are exactly the same as last year's instalment. No difference what so ever and that really ticked me off. I bought the game as a gift and to see it be such an exact copy like that to me is a massive insult to fans. It's not the first time EA did this and it certainly won't be the last.

They tried to make it "different" by having these gameplay types Arcade, Simulation and Competitive. A totally needless and, IMO, all flash. This is different than playing the game on easy or being so familiar with the game that you know how to do all the different route types and things of that nature. It's all to make it seem like they added something to the game and they didn't.

Ultimate Team is barely changed, You can now play with friends...such a game changer. The big new addition is their story mode and needless to say that it falls flat. It's boring, Plenty of long cutscenes and weak mini-games. It's just such a waste when they could have actually used that effort into reviving the franchise mode or add more to the ultimate team.

Overall: 4/10
Nothing is different from the previous instalment of this franchise. It's a virtual copy and past job, Change the number and the cover athlete and there you go. Stop hyping this overrated franchise up, They haven't been original in years.