Madden nfl 15 sucks what garbage out of the trashcan.

User Rating: 1 | Madden NFL 15 PS4

Madden nfl 15 is still the same as madden 13 and 25 what trash is just as lame of Madden nfl gets every year it's the same game,madden NFL series is garbage which suck of a ruination of a sports game,that's what ea sports did really stupid why put madden 25 and 15 on ps 4 stupid idea in the first place,bring back college football.Madden nfl 15 connected careers/connected franchise is just a stupid coppy off of madden 13 except downgraded retarted,connected careers been there for thre years and the Madden nfl game is still horrible, they should made ncaa football 2k or espn nfl 2k on ps 4 madden nfl series doesn't belong on ps 4.