buggy and balky, with potentially good new features that likely won't be fully functional until next year

User Rating: 4 | Madden NFL 15 PS4
Buggy in the way that Front Page Sports Football was buggy for the PC. I've had a controller lock up on several occasions, once on first and goal with 30 seconds left in the half and the clock running. I've chosen nickel strong as a defensive formation only to see 7 defensive backs show up on third and short. The playcalling menus are nested now so that everything takes longer to find and select, and the stick and cursor maddeningly slip up and down the choices like a greased pig. Many things that worked well in Madden 25 are now broken, such as wide receiver intelligence (they won't come back for or fight for the ball, so interceptions are almost as commom as completions, and they happily jaunt out of bounds with the first down marker or goal line within easy grasp). As other reviewers have said being a beta tester takes all the fun out of this new toy, making play feel a whole lot like you're working in a frustrating job where all your employees are incompetent. Coachglass and the new defensive views and tutorials do add something to the game that was needed, but the poor implementaion is punishing to endure. For the first time in several years I just plain don't feel like playing Madden anymore. My all powerful PS4's been relegated to movie duty.