Something's a little off about this

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I am a long time madden player, I have been playing since madden '97 and well can I have madden '97 back? Offense is impossible this year. Below are my stats from Head Coach mode with fantasy draft, can you see what wrong?

Season Record: 2-14

QB - Aaron Rodgers - 2154 Yards, 4 TD's, 4 INTs (Never Injured)

HB - Doug Martin - 583 Yards

WR - Damarius Thomas - 458 Yards (Never Injured)

TE - Jordan Cameron - 128 Yards (Never Injured)

Other Teams:

Drew Brees - 9 TD's, 9 INT's

Big Ben - 18 TD's 13 INT's

Von Miller - 28 Sacks

Kiko Alonso - 7 INT's (league leader)

Leading tackler had 168 tackles which is oddly close to the record of 195. He actually tied Ray Lewis at 5th overall.

Passing Leader was Nick Foles with 3700 Yards

This was only at a glance, I didn't look at any other stats because I was not happy, but when a middle linebacker has 7 INT's and Aaron Rodgers has 4 passing TD's all year something is wrong. This game isn't even fun to be honest, if you need a football fix play an earlier version of madden if you have it. Want to throw a deep ball? Forget it, plan on throwing slants if you actually don't want to get picked off. Thank you madden for another disappointing game again. NFL 2k5 was miles beyond madden. If you want to buy this game don't, rent it. It's not worth the 60$