Madden 15 for Xbox 360

User Rating: 4 | Madden NFL 15 X360

Madden 15 for Xbox 360, one word: crap.

Okay, so when I first saw game-play videos for Madden 15 (I now know they were for Xbox One), I was stoked out of my mind. I made the biggest plea to my grandma to get me this freaking game. She texted me the next day, said she got it, I freaked out.

Then, I looked at reviews of the Xbox 360 game, saw a few game-play vids, and my heart shattered. I didn't think it could be true, but I now know that it is: Madden 15 for Xbox 360 IS A DIRECT COPY OF MADDEN 25, with a new cover, a slightly different Main Menu, and a new name.

So, I texted her to return it and save herself $60 bucks, and she didn't return it. The next day I'm sitting with her and have that game staring me in the face, and by golly, that cover makes the game look so fun. So, I just said "screw it, I'll play it, try to enjoy if for what it is, it'll be fun." Boy was I wrong.

Turns out, all the 360 reviews and game-play videos are VERY true and I swear, I really think it might even be ever-so-slightly WORSE than Madden 25.

Not only are the graphics and details EXACTLY the same as Madden 25, but there is no intro to the actual game, the Pre-Game intros are shorter and less detailed, and there is no halftime show (which is one of the biggest features of the Xbox One version).

In addition, probably the most advertised feature of the Xbox One version is that the defense is much stronger and there are all new, broadcast-like presentations and camera angles. In the Xbox One version, there is a big Pre-Game intro much like TV, there is an actual halftime-show like on TV, and the camera angles and player emotions on-field are, you guessed it, just like TV. Any of this on Xbox 360? No.

All in all, while Madden 15 for Xbox 360 is not necessarily a bad game by any means, it is just a copy and paste of Madden 25 that EA Sports didn't care about and were to lazy to do anything with. My suggestion: Do not buy it, save yourself $60 bucks, save yourself the great disappointment, and just wait till it's either cheaper, or start saving for an Xbox One or PS4.

What I'm doing: Giving the game to my brother and praying for a brand-new Xbox One for Christmas. Boy, it's going to be a long ass 3 months.