Most Unrealistic Madden Game Yet

User Rating: 3 | Madden NFL 15 XONE

Before I go on my rant as to why this game is terrible, let me point out a few good things about it. The graphics. OK, now that I'm done pointing out the good, onto the bad, or should I say awful....

I'm a HUGE Madden fan, it is usually my favorite game and I anticipate its release on a yearly basis. This has to be the most unrealistic game to date. Never have I seen CB's with 70-80 OVR be able to lock down and press up against (on every play) WR's in the 90+ OVR range. Also, LB's seem to have "Go-Go Gadget" extendable arms to break up cross routes through the middle. Additionally, CB's seem to have better hands than receivers, as ANYTHING thrown their direction sticks to their hands better than the tar in Little Giants. Lastly, DO NOT ATTEMPT to throw anything deep, it will be intercepted 90% of the time. Why you ask? Because maybe EA had NO clue what they were doing and just threw a pile of garbage on a disc, named it Madden, and got everyone excited.

I bought this game at the midnight release, and returned it before I left for work in the morning. I would avoid this game at all costs and go spend your money on something worthwhile.

Just a downright HORRIBLE game that makes me ponder whether I should purchase another Madden game ever again