Same problems as always

User Rating: 2 | Madden NFL 15 PS4
I'll start with the positives. The game presentation, player models and camera angles are fantastic. The game looks great. Additionally, the changes to play calling with particular emphasis on strategy (and teaching players new to football said strategy) are awesome. Madden has become a phenomenal coaching simulator. But that's not why we buy madden. Players continue to behave inexplicably. Last years addition of running backs having some awareness of their blockers and moving around them has disappeared. Receivers moving toward the sideline still fail to turn upfield, even when they catch the ball 8-10 yards from the sideline. None of the players appear to have any awareness of the first down marker, so for example if said reciever catches the ball with no one around him, not only will he fail to run upfield but he will also run out of bounds a foot behind the first down marker. Players on curl routes similarly will stop a yard short of first down. Just disappointing. I thought a new year on a new system would be enough to fix the problems that have occurred repeatedly over the last 8 years, but it's still not there. People will still buy it because the other options are non existent, but come on EA. Put some effort in.