What I expected in Next Gen Football, with room to grow!

User Rating: 10 | Madden NFL 15 PS4

Grabbed the game at midnight, loaded it on the PS4, played through the initial Madden Moment and then immediately went to head to head mode vs. one of the rivals as we had exchanged slaps via text for weeks up to the release. You've already heard about the amazing graphics. They are comparable to MLB the show and NBA 2K with the exception of the players faces. The controls are challenging, fun and addictive. By game two you will have made plays that you had total control over and you will say I want to do that again. Whether it is pulling a move with a defensive lineman, blitzing the qb with a linebacker or taking the perfect angle and then taking the legs from underneath the ball carrier with a safety. Offensively you learn to read the defense and make throws that are greatly affected by your qb's accuracy, making the passing game a challenging yet rewarding experience similar to scoring a goal in FIFA. The greatest joy comes in figuring out the running game as you will hear others say that running is difficult. There is a learning curve but once you learn how to hit the holes you will find that breaking a long run and cutting downfield off of your wide receivers blocks to take it to the house feels better than any football game you played before.

Why is it a TEN with room to grow? You will never make everyone happy when making a football game. Some want more sim and others want more fast paced action. But the way this game feels you know that EA can give us more control over what the players do on the field. Examples: extending the ball with one arm for extra yards or the touchdown, maybe using the left and right triggers to have your wide receiver drag one foot or both depending on the animation and situation, a sack strip button, a defensive hurdle for blocking field goals, a defensive bait option for Man Coverage so players can try to bait a qb into a throw at their best corner.

The game is a TEN! Get it today! Challenge a friend!