things that should be in madden 16 for the hardcore gamers

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ea mistake is making games catering to casual gamers but little do they know casual gamers are followers if they here that a game is awesome they will buy if its too difficult they will learn trust me i know lol

1. have a better looking default camera view like a zoomed all 22 camera like on tv, and why zoom in too close when u run the ball makes no sense

2. eliminate multiple difficulties, it is what holds back all sports games if u have a dominate team u should have advantage over subpar teams like the raiders and vise vercer. it allow for organic difficulty

3. why no sports games dont allow voice over for players like after a play like them screaming in excitement or on a break away run for a touchdown. gamers would be pumped

4. the atmosphere should be alive, for real this time lol, take fom nba live 15

5.New announcers pleaseeeeeeeeeeee! new commentary! i beg yall

6. no running back should stumble after barely touching there own teammates, and there should be signature running styles and cuts. lets just say i can do more moves than the players in madden. look at how arian foster demarco murray adrian peterson lesean mccoy and jammal charles run with unique styles, its in basketball game but not football come on man

7.wide reciever vs defensive back interactions please with pass interference once in a while please

8. defensive pressure with pass rush always seams like a sack or nothing!

9. offense and definsive coordianators i wanna see them shown on sidelines on certain plays in the game!

10. ability to have custom jerseys and home field for ultimate team this is why i dont play it just feels weird!