Stuck on Scouting screen

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Really really enjoying this game, liking the gameplay and find it more challenging, well, I certainly do.

But on Week 9 I go into scouting to look at some players and what happens, it gets stuck on the loading data please wait bit.

Its amazing what you pay for and bam it bugs on you. This is on the Xbox 360, also my brother started to play it on the PS3 and when he was going through trades it didnt let him come out of the trade block screen, the music carries on playing.

Come on EA fix this stuff please.

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i guess its time to add yet another bug to the list....

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Oh finally, got back into my game, got to the wildcard against the Vikings.

Right time to save the game and what happens when scrolling across? IT CRASHES AGAIN, AGHHHHH!

Man how does anyone have patience with this.

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Deleted Madden from hard drive and saved games.

Reinstalled, started new career. Reached week 10, go to scouting, stuck on loading data and the load image just rolls around.

Can't believe this, I apologise for my continious posts but I hope I'm not the only one experiencing this problem.

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when you get to free agency, dont go to the news screen, freezes every single time