Should I buy 13? (Couple other questions)

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Alright I know this has probably been posted before but I don't want to look through and see. I have just recently purchased Madden 12 and have been playing it for the past 2 days straight. I am very disappointed. It is the first Madden game I have ever purchased and I am trying to get better at it but it seems impossible. On pro the AI is to hard. on rookie its to easy. I throw a pass to someone completely open and 4 defenders are on him before the ball gets halfway to him... etc. I have looked up all kinds of tips and strategies but nothing works. Another thing is it has no tutorial mode. I just learned about precision passing a few hours ago from the internet because I read the controls and digital manual for the game and it says nothing about that, or how to call time outs...etc. So I can only imagine what else I dont know about how the game works. I just want some good gameplay. As long as the gameplay is good I don't care about a lot of other features. I love football and the strategy that goes into it so that's what I am looking for. Does 13 have this? I read that 13 has a lot of features taken out but the gameplay is the best so far with the new engine. I read other reviews that say they have the features you just need to know how to access them. I would appreciate a real opinion from someone who has thoroughly played both games. Not from someone just wanting to bash EA for being lazy. I am not interested in Madden 25 because I have played 100's upon 100's of video games and never played one worth 60 dollars. I also hear that 2k may go back to making football games as well. This true?