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Weekly MLA Radio show hosted by commish. This weeks guest for tonight's show is Michael Callans, VP of Wonderlic Inc. FYC: Restarted with post-SB rosters.... Year 1, Week 9 Teams Open: IND, NYJ SNB: Restarted with post-SB rosters..... Year 1, Week 10 Teams Open: MIN DBC: Week 1 Rosters....... Year 4.... Week 12 No teams open currently http://maddenleaguealliance.proboards.com for forum http://xat.com/mla13 for chat room MLA League Settings : Quarter Length : 8 mins Inj & Weather : ON Accel Clock : 20 secs CPU Trades Disabled Game Scheduling : MLA Leagues advance on a 48 hr advancement schedule. You are responsible for scheduling your games within a timely manner after each weeks advance. If you cannot make a scheduled game or a week of the season it's understood AS LONG as it's communicated. Auto Pilot id your friend in this situation... Don't be a dick, set your team to auto. Game Hosting / Uniform Selection : Home team (unless agreed otherwise) is the team to both host the games connection and select their Jersey's Nanoing : Nano style blitzing is not allowed, this is defined as a blitz that is not part of the normal play. To do this a player takes control of an AI player (Pre Snap) and moves his location, then switches off to another AI player and controls him. This creates a code mismatch and the game can not account for the moved player if he is pass rushing. Blitzing / Pre Snap Movement : Pre Snap (Defense/Special Teams) player movement: NO MOVING D-LINE PLAYERS PRE SNAP, If you move a player manually (LB/S/CB Only), you must control that player until the snap of the football. (Line shifts, coverage adjustment, LB adjustments through stat pad do not count). This rule is in effect because of a recent exploit that cuts off WR/TEs routes down field by blocking them in at the line or downfield. There is no slider adjustment for Pass Interference in the online franchise, so none is called after 5 yards. Blitzing is legal as long as keep it with in the normal workings of the game. The best thing to do is call the blitz from your playbook and run it as the play shows. We are just trying to stop the nano glitch, not remove blitzing. In addition defensive line stacking is not allowed. Stacking a player over the defensive linemen is not allowed, the player can not be directly behind the linemen Unless lined up that way by the original play formation. Substitution Rule : This was one that we originally talked about applying to every position in the game, but decided that it should only be applied to the offense with 2 exceptions. Basically. QB's play QB FB's play FB HB's play HB TE's play TE WR's play WR ** You can still put a TE or HB in your 4th WR position... but no higher. Your top 3 WR's have to be WR's. ** OLine are interchangeable, any Lineman can play any position. Motioning / QB Scrambles / No Huddle : Motioning Offensive Players : Any WR/TE/RB/FB sent in motion must be OUTSIDE the offensive tackle before snapping the ball. The only exception to this is out of weak I or strong i form and you motion the offset FB from one side to the other. If your motioning FB down to O-Line, he must be outside the tackles before the snap. Quarterback scrambles : Again... stay with in the workings of the game. A QB can scramble for yards as in the NFL, but using a QB to scramble on every play is not realistic and very hard to enforce. Dropping back more than 10 yards without pressure on the QB is also a glitch play and is not allowed. When is the last time you seen a QB take the snap and sprint back 20 yards, it doesn't happen and it's not going to happen here. NO HUDDLE RULE : a) if down by 14 or more with 2 mins in 1st half b) if down by 14 or more with 5 mins left in game c) if down by 10 or more with 3 mins left in game d) any time with in last 2 mins in game if tied or losing 4th Down Rules : 4th down rules:(this is a grey area and is really a situational call, do as you would see a NFL coah do) 1. You cannot go for it on 4th down if you are ahead in the first half what so ever, you must either punt or kick a field goal. 2. In the 3rd quarter if you are down by more than 7 pts then you may go for it, in the 4th quarter if you are down by any amout of pts then you may go for it 3. If you are in the lead in the 4th quarter with less than 4 minutes, ahead by 2 or less and inside the 20 you may go for it to secure the lead. 4. If you are down by any amout of points in the 4th qtr within the 2 minute warning you may go for it on 4th down. Fake Punt/Fgs Fake punts and FGs are stupid, period. You may see one or two a season and I expect it to be the same here. You may do them but very, very sparingly.. If I get reports of fakes multiple times you will be penalized. (Fakes count as going for it on 4th down so same situation rules apply) Misc Rules : Play Calling : Mix it up (Off and Def) This doesn't mean Streaks or 2 Man Under just out of different formations... Actually mix it up. It can only make you a better player. Kicks / Squibs / Punts : Be realistic here guys. Dont squib or kick onsides when situation doesn't apply. Don't bullet punt every punt (thats reserved for short fields). Returns : You cannot move ANY players during kickoffs and punts pre snap! Furthermore you cannot control and setup blockers on kickoffs, you may only control the returner. Connection / Disputes : We have all been there and witnessed that Madden Online Servers Suck! We have all had our connection dropped before and we all are of the same motto of "I have the best connection in the world!" So from time to time when a disconnect happens, take a chill pill, txt your opponent and resolve the issue. It's hard to determine who's connection was in fault so the Score Check Process from M12 is null and void... Instead I expect you all to be adult and honest about the games situations. If I lose connection and am down by 21 in the 2nd half then I, out of respect for other opponent and the league, will either offer him the 21 point spot or proceed with our restart KNOWING that if he needs the 21 point cushion that its there. Were all adults here, act accordingly. Stat Padding / Running Up The Score : By no means necessary should we have 300 yard rushers and 600 yard throwers week in and week out in the MLA. When you get a game in hand, utilize your backups and build their XP. This goes for the losing team also. No need in Colston having 350 yards receiving if I lose the game by 28 points. DONT STAT PAD! Running up the score is a grey area subject and I ask that everyone stay respectful to their opponent and League! If you are up by 28 or more you CANNOT SCORE OVER 55 PTS. So if you're up 50-22 then you cannot score any more in the game. The only exception to scoring over 55 would be if the score became 50-29 opening the door to secure your 28 point lead again... or in a close game (obviously). KEEP IN MIND TO RESPECT YOUR OPPONENT! NO NEED TO BE UP 28 PTS (or trying to score to make it 28) when the game is already in hand. Everyone is expected to play one another with respect win or lose. Games VS The CPU : From time to time owners may be forced to set themselves to "Auto Pilot" allowing the opponent to play CPU if he chooses to. WHEN A PERSON PLAYS THE CPU THERE IS A 50 POINT SCORE LIMIT! IF YOU HAVE TO SCORE 51 IN ORDER TO BEAT THE CPU THEN YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BEAT THE CPU. ANYONE CAUGHT SCORING OVER 50 VS THE CPU WILL SERVE AUTOMATIC SUSPENSIONS AS FOLLOWED. 1st Offense : 1-2 game suspension depending on severity 2nd Offense : Week Long Real Time Suspension From MLA 3rd Offense : Removal from the MLA