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Pre-Season: Week 1 will kickoff on Monday, February 4th.(4 Spots Are Still Open) Teams Taken - (ATL) (SF) (DET) (MIN) (WAS) (SEA) (PHI) / (NE) (CIN) (DEN) (PIT) (HOU) We have a core of 7 players that are coming off of a 6-season ALL-PRO Madden 13 CCM that advanced daily for nearly 6 months and we've found that it's time to step it up to a new challenge on ALL-MADDEN. We are very active. This league will advance on time, 3 times per week. So, if you are a dedicated & realistic Madden player then ChosenFew is where you want to be. We use Jarodd21s All-Madden Sliders (Green) which provide a solid challenge for players that are looking to compete against Users as well as the CPU in some realistic Madden NFL football. Join us & become part of our core of players. Basic Setup SKILL All-Madden SLIDERS - Jarodd21s All-Madden Sliders (Green) QTR LENGTH 9 Minutes NO ACCELERATED CLOCK COACHES ONLY LEAGUE (No Legends) 16 TEAMS MAX 2 TEAMS PER DIVISION MAX END OF SEASON ROSTERS ADVANCE - (10:00pm EST - Monday, Wednesday & Friday) FACEBOOK GROUP (YES) provides Ease of Scheduling & forum for Official Game Threads, Draft Threads & Smack Talk. FB Group: ChosenFew - Madden Franchise As a member of Chosen Few, additional tools to help you better communicate with your opponent & receive information about the league can be found at In the upper right corner of the page click (League Settings) then (Social Settings) where you will find SMS notification options. (See Rules For Full Details) Send me a message at PSN: Dramas_End or drop in on us at Status of League Teams: (02/01/2013) Once a Division has 2 User Teams, the other 2 teams in that Division become CPU teams & the Division is closed.AFC North: (CLOSED) (cpu) BAL (USER) PIT (USER) CIN (cpu) CLE AFC South: (open) (USER) HOU (open) IND (open) JAC (open) TEN AFC East: (open) (USER) NE (open) NYJ (open) MIA (open) BUF AFC West: (open) (USER) DEN (open) OAK (open) KC (open) SD NFC North: (CLOSED) (cpu) GB (USER) DET (cpu) CHI (USER) MIN NFC South: (open) (open) NO (open) CAR (open) TB (USER) ATLNFC East: (CLOSED) (USER) PHI (cpu) NYG (USER) WAS (cpu) DALNFC West: (CLOSED) (USER) SEA (USER) SF (cpu) STL (cpu) AZ