PS3: BFSL Adult Sports Group, Madden 25/Madden 13 Sign ups, 20th Season

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#1 BFSLCommish
Member since 2012 • 25 Posts We are looking for year around players to finish out Madden 13 which will reserve your spot for Madden 25. We are adding new members to our group. The BFSL is now at its 20th Season in our league's history. We are proud of this accomplishment and are still committed to running one of the best SIM leagues out there for PS3. We were founded in December of 2009. The league is run primarily on Operation Sports. are now in Wk 11 of 2016 Being a member the rest of this season reserves you a spot for the Madden 25 league. The Giants, Broncos, Seahawks, 49ers, Falcons, Packers and Panthers are available. We are still doing tryout games for SIM, active, mature owners. We don't allow glitchers and we have strict, SIM rules. You won't find a better, more organized, realistic style league to call home if you are truly a SIM player. [color=darkred]What we offer[/color] -Dedicated Commish and support staft, active and started this league 3 years ago. You don't have to worry about this group folding in the middle of a season. We are legit. -A SIM, mature group a to play games with and avoid lobby games -Organized group. We track statistics, have career leaders, and vote players for each Madden version into our Hall of Fame at end of each game cycle. -We do tryout games for new members to ensure our rules are adhered to and no cheese or lobby guys get in -Our owners do scouting reports on opponents to make sure game plans vary from week to week -A place to call home for SIM football. We do not allow kids. Many of our users are around 30 years old and older. You don't have to be 30 but we want you to be mature. You should have a good knowledge of football and etiquette for playing SIM football or the willingness to want to learn. Hope to meet some new friends Join at