Making sure Im not the only one this is happening to

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Okay, first thing I've noticed is that calling fair catch on a punt does NOTHING. They'll acknowledge that you called for it, the announcers will say "and he's calling for a fair catch", but then the defense still lays you out and theres no penalty!??!?!??

And I'm posting this because it JUST happened 5 minutes ago. I threw an interception on the 1 yard line, the guy turned around and ran into the end zone, and kneeled it. I guess maybe because it's been awhile since I've paid full attention to a season of football, but how is that not a safety? I understand nobody on my team tackled him, but I thought you could not go backwards into the end zone for a touchback? I thought you have to catch it IN the end zone to get a touchback

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I have the same thing happen a lot.  Seems like the announcers say the guy muffs the catch and that is why they hit him.  Strange when the guy definitely catches it.