Looking for people to Join a sim Madden NFL 13 league (Xbox)

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NoDBFootball is currently accepting new members for an xbox 360 league for Madden 13.

NoDBfotball is committed to SIM style football for older, adult members who are at least 25 years old. 

Tired of drama? Tired of playing against immature people who have no respect for anything? Tired of playing against people who glitch and cheat? Tired of leagues not advancing? Tired of your opponent never showing up at a scheduled time? Tired of Commissioners who think they know what they are doing and really don?t?

We were tired of all of those things as well which is why NoDBFootball was created. If you are interested in joining a mature, SIM League on the xbox 360, without all of the problems, and drama then join today. 

If you are interested please come over to http://nodbfootball.forumer.com/index.php

Read the rules and sign up.