EA Sports is a maniacal business

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These are the games NHL and Madden talking to me while Im playing:

"Oh wow, youre really good with your team! Oh, and I see your team has won A LOT of games in a row in your Franchise/Career mode! Very well done, congrats. However, were going to have to change that.......yeah.......So, your next game we will have every pass that shouldnt be caught by the CPU get caught. And every easy interception or catch for YOUR team will be dropped but of course the CPUs team will catch them and even get ones that shouldnt happen, because we just cant have you running away with the game like you usually do, I mean, COME ON! Weve gotta stop all this losing, its making our AI look bad! Oh and lets talk about penalties! See, if youre winning in the 3rd period, were gonna have your computers get called for penalties that actually didnt happen, or well just force them to commit stupid ones since we have control of them when you dont! Tee hee! Oh, and well also turn the other team into the greatest team of all time, outskating all of your players magically and LOTS of weak shots by the CPU going in the net on the powerplay we created for them! IF, and this is a decently sized IF, you win the game, well just ramp everything ridiculous up even more in the next game! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

So Im officially insane since I spent this much time writing about this, but this is true, they try to stop you winning in every conceivable way and it's ridiculous.

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I shouldn't ever lose a game. Me losing a game is bull****