CCM's AALoA and/or GSL

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Hello everybody my PSN is DemonX5136 & I'm co-commisioner of both the American Armchair League of America and Gridiron Sim League. Both leagues are sim & are hosted on the same site -

AALoA advances two days a week(wednesday/sunday) & ran by The_EDJ & myself. EDJ is the head honcho though. It's a very sim & strong community & the league itself has been around 2+ years.

GSL is new this year & ran by illmatic216. Also a very active & sim league. GSL advances 3 days a week.

Both leagues are always recruiting & have fun. There's a chatbox located at the bottom right of every page( If you want to join AALoA you'll be put on a waiting list. GSL however is actually in need of a few new owners as unsim players have been booted.

Thank you, have a nice day!