Great graphics and potential, but terrible, overplayed commentary is only the beginning of this game's problems.

User Rating: 7.5 | Madden NFL 12 X360
Great Qualities - Graphically better than the previous versions " Physics are on point " Sacks, tackles, interceptions, and fumbles are all awesome and very fulfilling "

Not so Great Qualities - Terrible, repetitive commentary " Occasional name confusion " Lack of depth " Some game modes are very weak, including portions of Franchise such as home field advantage still existing in the Super and Pro Bowls "

* The game is about as straight to the point as it gets, including typical things like Play Now, Play Now: Super Bowl, Franchise, Create a Player/Team, and a couple of Mini Camp games.

* There isn't much else to say other than provide a few examples of commentary and player name confusion. The commentary is the same EVERY game and they repeat the same thing about ONE single player at the start of the game, every game. Repetitive is the simplest way to explain it. The name confusion stems from instances such as when you throw a touchdown, they might begin mentioning the receiver, but finishing the compliment off with things about the quarterback * "Anquan Boldin! delivers the touchdown strike with a great pass there." *Anquan Boldin is the wide receiver. Other problems with commentary persist, but are hard to name without actually being in the middle of a game. Bottom line, it will get on your nerves. Period.

* If you enjoy playing Madden, or can't stand playing with outdated rosters, then you'll likely buy Madden 12. Just know that before getting your hopes up on it being the most recent, it does have it's share of problems. This game definitely deserves every bit of the 7.5 it was rated.