Spend your money on something else... madden 12 is basically a roster update with a few minor tweaks to franchise mode

User Rating: 3 | Madden NFL 12 X360
First things first. I've been playing madden for as long as I can remember, back when I first got it for my gamecube nearly ten years ago, so I pretty much know what I'm talking about when I say: I WANT TO LOVE IT, but i can't. I find it hard to like a game where I can't even complete a simple slant pass because a linebacker magically teleported from five yards away, especially when they were moving in a totally different direction from where the pass was being thrown. I freaking hate when i position my safety or corner for a perfect interception, only to have the ball go STRAIGHT THROUGH his hands. Also, if you play ps3 (idk about xbox players, i have a ps3) you can expect your whole system to freeze after every two or three games in superstar mode (don't really know about franchise, i usually play one game of that then go to something else. i'm a superstar mode kinda guy, and TRY to play five or six games at a time, only to have it freeze my system). I feel like every year, EA is just basically releasing a roster update with a few minor tweaks and charging a full retail price for it. They need to release a newly redesigned game every other year, and just release roster updates for the in-between years, and charge $20 for those updates. Put the updates as DLC and charge 15 to 20 bucks for them, because i'm sick of paying a full $60 for a game that constantly freezes my system, and where the AI and the physics of the game are horrible. I'm not paying full price again for a game where the ball goes through my corner or receiver's hands, where a linebacker will swat a ball down from up to six yards away from the play, and (i know i keep coming back to this but it really sticks in my craw) where my ps3 gets frozen every hour or two during a loading screen. EA, get your stuff together because you are about to lose a customer.