The realistic pro football game is back

User Rating: 9 | Madden NFL 12 PS3
Madden 12 for the Sony Playstation 3 is a more improved version of Madden 11 as it have more details, way better gameplay but still the same controller setup and the same commentators. The gameplay in Madden 12 is still the same but very much improved, when you running with the ball and the defender comes and tackle, you can break the tackle but get knock back or slow you down, also you can't full speed up like previous Madden NFL games, you have to start slow and then speed up and it restarts if you broken some of the defenders tackle, that apply to all players, even created ones too. The hit stick on offense is still the same but not as strong like previous Madden NFL games has been and for the defense, you can't abuse the hit stick to deliverer every hard hits which depends on the player, because in Madden 12 they have added player traits which make a impact on any NFL roster to make it feel like the real thing like paranoid for a QB in which even a good one will get very frustrated and make bad decision on the field, on franchise mode there the hot/cold streak for each players that will effect them on the next game. The graphics in Madden 12 has improve like the NFL rosters but in close up shot of their face in some player might get too freaky/scary as they have to much details and forms on their face than other previous Madden NFL titles, the NFL jersey is even much more clear and detail, like you see when you buy at the store or online on, the gaming field has change in terms of grass is on the field as it showing up unlike previous Madden NFL games. The sound in Madden 12 is still the same with Madden 11 for most of the game but new soundtrack was added in. Overall, Madden 12 has improved on the gameplay and graphics department but the sound of the game still uses the same voice from Madden 11 but it is still a great game series to play, even with family and friends and also online.

Gameplay: 10- The same as previous, but very much improve overall compared to Madden 11.

Graphics: 10- Lots of details on the character models and on the field.

Sound: 7- Same game commentators and different soundtrack.

Value: 9- Madden 12 has improved a lot in almost every area then the past Madden NFL title has done.