Typical Ea

User Rating: 6 | Madden NFL 12 X360
I will start this review off saying I am a fan of football, not Madden, Ever Since They Got the Licensing permit for themselves in 2006, I have stuck with NCAA, This Year I decided i would try madden, I was Disappointed. Right off the bat i cant connect to any Head-to-Head Match because of a problem on there side where they cant read my online rosters from my hard drive, I was able to fix this by Using a flash drive to store my data. This solve was found on a forum from a fan website, EA refuses to acknowledge the problem, when many people have it. Even when I do Play online I find myself disjointed, for their servers are always disconnecting me, and if I'm down in the 2nd half and i lose connection to their servers, I get a loss on my record. I have tried taking these problems up with costumer support and it feels like I'm talking to a wall.
Do Yourself a favor and don't get this game, The 2k developers deserve the license instead of this department of ea, who just chugs out crappy games for max profit. When their servers went down to compensate for the Battle field 3 demo, they refused to acknowledge that it was there problem. Do Yourself a Favor and get NCAA instead of this junk. Seems NCAA is the only thing they get right.