EA sports delivers another losing NFL game.

User Rating: 1.5 | Madden NFL 12 X360
I skipped Madden 11 because I finally had enough of hoping to have a good NFL game I can enjoy. This year I wasnt as smart and decided to give it another chance thinking maybe I am too hard and expect too much out of a video game. Well I certainly made a mistake. This game is the same glitchy piece of garbage that it has been since PS3/Xbox 360 have come out. Ill take it category by category

Graphics: They are very medicore. The game doesnt look all that great. It looks dark and when moving it comes off as blurry, of course that is EA sports version of "action" based movements. The celebration scenes look better on Tecmo Bowl on an 8 bit Nintendo system.

Gameplay: Once again this is a disaster. Shame on me for expecting my QB to throw the ball some where near the spot the play is designed. Throwing comebacks is a 50/50 gamble. Sometimes he throws the ball behind the receiver. Other times he will just throw a fly pattern. Playaction passes is another joke. You can run the ball 30 times for 7 yards a carry but the 1st time you try to run a play fake you have 4 defenders in the backfield blowing it up before the animation even completes often times. Route based passing has been a problem for Madden that they never seem to be able to solve. On an out pattern the ball should be near the sideline. Not right at the receiver at the point of his break. This often leads to the Defender being able to sneak inside to deflect or pick the ball. Collision detection is another issue. I dont know how many times Ive seen a ball carrier just run passed a defender like he isnt even there. The game often lags. I also think the game glorifies and rewards players for goign in on 4th and long in their own zone. I cant blame the people for doing so because the defense never stops it. As a human u can only control 1 player.

Presentation: Another disaster. Havent changed since the game had been put out in 05 for xbox 360. Same stupid scoreboard videos. Same stupid animations. Commentary sounds very choppy and very monotonous. Crowd sounds like fans clapping after a Tiger Woods Putt in. No emotion at all. Game looks dark. No flash no pizzazz to it at all. The crowd is a joke. The cutaway scenese are the same 2 scenes over and over. I like how u know if tis a first down or not before the chain gang even hits the field. Same thing with knowing if you won or lost the coin toss before the coin even hits the turf. Not like the gameplay makes up for it. I want to know why a game put out in 04 for regular ps2/xbox like NFL 2k5 had a much better presentation to it. NFL 2k5 had a post game interview ESPN countdown along with scores and highlights. and the Crowd really sounded like they were into it ona 4th quarter play when the defense needed a stop.

Online: Well I was about to win a game and to my surpise with a minute left my opponent paused the game. The pause never timed out forcing me to shut my system off giving me a DNF and a loss when I was about to win. This is known as the "Pause Glitch" THis was done to me a few more times as well. I mean really? The great and "perfect" Madden game cant even get that done. I find myself playing against people who know all the glitches and the holes in the defense where there should be blocking. I give them credit for knowing the glitches and utlizing them to beat the hell out of me, but Often times i see O linemen just standing there in blocking position as Im getting sacked because the AI didnt detect for them to pick up the glitch.

EA Sports has ripped me off for the last time. I will never buy this game again. I gave it another chance after skipping a year and that is a mistake I will never make again. Madden gets 2 thumbs down, and I feel EA sports should send out a check to everyone who purchased the game with an apology letter for lying and ripping off their consumer. This game isnt even bad its awful.