The best madden yet!

User Rating: 10 | Madden NFL 12 X360
This is one of the best Madden to come out if not the very best and I even waited for over two years to play it.

This game is a football fan's dream with it's stunning graphics and it's amazing realism. This one is also more like real football and you have to watch and make sure that you know where your passing at all times. Another thing this game does is give you complete control and let's you have the power to do anything with any team at any time. The bidding feature is also very fun to use. The best thing for me in this game are the ease of getting achievements. With one game you could actually get over half of them at once.

The only bad thing about this game which is pretty much for the entire series really is the fact that you have to pay yearly to keep your team updated but other than that this game is nothing short of kick ass. 10/10