Consistency from Maden franchise

User Rating: 8 | Madden NFL 12 PS3
I see many people complain that the franchise isn't doing enough to separate one year from the next. However the game holds a good consistency with its mechanics and game play. Where they are making their strides is in game physics. Now many may be thinking what I am talking about, the games physics is how things react to their environment in game. The hitting and tackling mechanics have made great improvements, hitting looks more realistic and the avatars respond to being spun around by tacklers, being hit high or low, tip-toeing out of bounds as their momentum carries them. The superstar mode still needs work but this isn't a easy thing to do. Franchise particularly the user controlled cutting of players in preseason makes you want to actually play the preseason games to evaluate players for your final roster. All in all a really well put together Madden game. Music is epic as always, audio crisp. Yes the commentators are terrible, but I won't list it a game-breaker, just turn it off. Good game.