Franchise Mode Trading and Fantasy Draft Questions??

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I just got Madden 12 and I had a hard time choosing in the draft and when I couldn't get a few I wanted I just simulated the rest of the draft and the CPU gave me not very good players, so I was trying to trade for better ranked DTs, beef up my defense & offenive line, and get rid of a few extra players in positions I didn't need, but none of the other teams would except my offers. So my 1st question would be, How do I get those trades thrue? Secondly, How do I maximize the draft & get the highest rated players? Can I change the players rating before I actually Practice / Play them? I want to do this in Franchise mode... I didn't see any cheat codes to get certain players either... I posted this in 2012 and didn't get any reply, I am still trying to maximize my team draft options. I don't want madden 13 either I didn't like the changes at all. Can anyone help me please?