The good and BAAAAAAAAD of madden 10

User Rating: 3 | Madden NFL 10 PS3
i was pretty excited for this years madden. after madden jumped to the next gen systems i thought EA was going to make madden the best football game that a FOOTBALL fan could ask for..... WRONG!!!! EA is still trying to surpass a last gen game that was sold for 19.99 brand new! (nfl 2k5) another reviewer said it perfectly... the object of madden is to find the best glitch and exploit it to the point where you just dominate anyone. when i play someone online that has a great winning record, i dont think "this guy must be good at madden" i instead think "this guy must know the best glitch." WE AS FANS SHOULD HAVE STAYED AWAY FROM THIS YEARS MADDEN WHEN THE DEVELOPER STATED , DURING MAKING THE GAME, THAT THEY WERE ACTUALLY STARTING TO WATCH ACTUAL FOOTBALL GAMES AND NOTICED EVERYTHING THAT WAS MISSING!!!!!!! you mean after all this time you JUST STARTED WATCHING FOOTBALL GAMES???!!!!! that's hilarious. so with that said i will begin my review of every aspect of the game that i could think of:

PRESENTATION: The graphics look good. hell... they should look good... its a next gen system. i, for one, believe that we shouldnt be happy with this... but should expect this for the money we shell out for these systems. The animations are still very choppy and look robotic not realistic. The so-called gang tackle animation should be called the vacuum tackle, because when the gang tackle comes into play a player can come running at full speed and just slide right off everybody! the only way a player can contribute is if he gets sucked into the gang! its just another broken addition to madden. They finally answered my wishes of adding refs and a chain gang. but like everything else in madded... its just their for looks. you can make a catch for a first down... but the chain gang and refs say its 4th and inches. So, you than challenge the play, they show the replay, which shows your player at least a yard past the first down marker.... but nope! play stands! BROKEN!!!!!!!! And they have taken away features! what happened to the field getting torn up? what happened to the players getting dirty. for every step that EA takes forward they take 5 back!!!!! I didnt think that it was possible for EA to make us fans wish that we had the radio guy announcer back. Man was i wrong. hammond, or whatever his name is, is just simply horrible! horrible!!!!!! he talks very mono-tone. he just states the obvious and just sounds awful. The other guy (i cant remember his name off-hand) isnt too bad, but he is very repetetive. The halftime show is also very repetitive. doesnt feel realistic at all. EA gets a C- for presentation.

Gameplay: STILL BROKEN EA!!!!! they claimed to have fixed the offensive lines woes. nope. i still find my lineman just letting people run by untouched straight to the QB. its harder to run this year because of all the bugs with the line. footballs will completely pass through a defender and go right into the receivers hands. AI is still retarded. The same exact play can be ran over and over and over. the defense will always have NO CLUE whats going on. your guaranteed to gain three to four yards on every QB sneak. sorry EA... but if you watched real footbal you would know that its not that easy in real life. If you get down to the one yard line your guaranteed to see the refs decide if it was a touchdown or not... even though it was completely obvious and should have no review! All that says to me is that EA is trying to say "LOOK WHAT WE PUT IN... LOOK WHAT WE PUT IN!"
Fighting for the fumble is broken. A player can dive, secure the football, and than right when you think that you have the ball... here comes the button smashing mini-game. and than when the ball goes to the other team your left dumb founded watching your player secure the football on the replay. They slowed the game down alot. i like that in the sense that it can make you think that you will have to strategise in order to get into the endzone... but EA broke this too because all the player has to do is find THAT ONE PLAY that works... and there set to score everytime! And slowing the game down makes the animations look alot more robotic! Madden gets a C for gameplay.

Franchise: theres no player progression. your QB just threw 6 td's, no int's. three games in a row! well guess what that gets you? a player of the week award and no improvement to his progression at all. no more training before the season to boost your progressions OF CHOSEN PLAYERS, and that was a great part of older maddens.... every player on your team used to progress or regress depending on age and stats. your just stuck going game to game. gets boring fast! Superstar mode still feels broken. practice with your player all you want for hours... no progression or stat improvement. superstar QB's cant move their head to scan the field. JUST BROKEN! madden gets a D for franchise.

All in all, madden is still just a broken game. They give us a few new broken additions but take away more of the good things they had! finding madden fans is getting harder every year. less and less people are buying the game. Its very plain to see that EA just CAN'T make a realistic football game. we can still pop in nfl 2k5 and say "NOW THIS FEELS LIKE A REAL FOOTBALL GAME!" i think instead of getting another madden game every year... us old madden fans are now just hoping that EA will give up the license and let someone else make a good football game. because all EA is pretty much saying is this "WE GOT THE NFL LICENSE NOT TO MAKE A BETTER GAME FOR FOOTBALL LOVERS OR MADDEN FANS, BUT SO NO ONE ELSE CAN MAKE A FOOTBALL GAME.... AND EVERYONE WILL BE STUCK WITH OUR SH***TY PRODUCT EVERY YEAR". EA SPORTS.... IF ITS EA.... ITS DEFINITELY NOT "IN" THE GAME