Madden is back with a few new features that sets it apart from last year.

User Rating: 8 | Madden NFL 10 PS3
Madden 10 is finally here, but only with a few new things and a slowed down gameplay. When you first pop in the game it finally does not make you do the Madden IQ and the soundtrack is Okay but nothing special. It wold have been better if you could use your own music but that's not a big deal.

Gameplay: FINALLY, it actually feels like a real football game. Players that are the slowest in the league are not catch Vince Young or Romo for that matter. Gang tackles make it feel more realistic and referees and head coaches actually talk things out. Making deep throws is very difficult like it should be. Usually in the NFL you do not see a rookie throw a 60 yard touchdown in double coverage. The one major con is when you fight for the fumble, it looks cool but it becomes a button masher for a few seconds which really takes away form the flow of the game. Instead they should have based it on who has higher toughness, strength, etc... Overall the gameplay is pretty close to perfect.

Presentation: It look good except for the crowd which looks like a a 1989 Atari game. Everything else looks good, but it is a EA sports game and they are not know to have revolutionary graphics. The commentary sounds recycled from last year, but its not horrible. When you play a game the atmosphere feels like your watching Sunday night football on NBC.

Franchise: Nothing HUGE, but it is changed from last year. Players actually do progress as they should. Now Brady doesn't stay 99 when he is 40 years old. Trades are realistic, if you want the best you got to give up a lot and totally restructure your team. The extra point (recap show) is nothing special and kinda feels tacked on and not quite there. At least there are trying this time. Drafting players now feels like it's worth it to look for the best. Signing players is hard. They want a lot of money and it feels realistic. If Romo did really well last season and his contracts up for resigning then he is gonna want a lot of money. Overall it is changed from last year and worth playing.

Madden is a improvement from last year and if you are a NFL fan then pick this game up, if you are on the verge of getting it, well i think you should get it, if have 09 and you did not like it because it did not feel realistic, well madden 10 is as real as it gets.