Slowing down the game...

User Rating: 8 | Madden NFL 10 X360
This years Madden is a bit slower with a few less audible options. If you liked the speed of Madden 2009, you may find yourself buying a hair piece to cover up the bald spot you are going to create, from pulling out all that hair because Madden 2010 is much slower then before. From actual game speed to player speed.

If you like a more realistic football game with lower scores, then 2010 is for you.

To keep this short, less audibles will speed up your offensive and defensive games, but running is a lot slower then before, and the individual statistics of your star players is a much needed addition to keep the game feeling like an actual football game. This allows a running back to actually out run a line man...its about time.

Bottom line I like it, but it is much slower than what I used to, so have fun with this one football fans.