Madden 10 has the same glitches madden 09 had.It would be better if they change their engine.

User Rating: 7 | Madden NFL 10 X360
The blocking in this game is heinous. Very little skill is needed to play this game because the glitches can be easily used. The game has good graphics. The pro tak system is garbage ea used the pro tak to cover up their flaws. Whats up with the madden shop, that's highway robbery. All Pro football 2008 and NFL 2k5 has way better physics and game play than madden 10. The fumble recovery is another horrible part of the game, all you need is a turbo controller to win the ball. the madden iq should be removed from the game completely it is useless and the virtual crap is not in the game. you can dump the worst player on your team for the best on another if that team happens to be controlled by the computer that's not in the game. The run animations is still robotic and that is unacceptable for next gen consoles