The woes of the Madden series continue...

User Rating: 6.5 | Madden NFL 10 X360
First of all Madden NFL 10 isn't just a good game it is an average NFL game. The new "Pro Tak" System is very cool when you see guys pile over a fumble or when they bring out the chain gang.
The Career mode is decent it lets you control over a football franchise and stay on top for the next 30 years. Besides the good stuff there is also the bad stuff. I really get pissed when I throw an interception, or when a defensive line man tackles my QB the QB always let goes of the ball and it is classified a fumble and the line man runs down the field like a Running back lol. The other things is that the interceptions are really weird when a defensive line man intercepts the ball . To the bottom line I get angry at this game sometimes because of the easy turn overs.
Overall this is a great Madden NFL Game probably the best one in the series. I Would recommend it to anybody who loves Madden Football or loves American football. I also dont like the bugs in this game. No here comes the bad part this game is just 2009 nothing new exept Pro tak and thats about it, this is just an expansion of NFL 09. And also I hate some of the gameplay in this aswell. Even Madden NFL 2007 was better than this in my opinion.

My Verdict:

Sound: C+
Graphics: C+
Gameplay: B
Overall: C+