Good game and improved realism but......

User Rating: 8 | Madden NFL 10 X360
The AI is still pretty dumb on some occasions when it comes to blocking and quite a bit of messed up glitches and bugs to but I love Superstar Mode and yes I just figured out that superstar mode was in the game because I have not played a football game since ESPN NFL 2K5.

I also like the ability to customize the game's rosters allowing me to update the rosters by putting players on the right teams like Donovan Mcnabb on the Redskins or Julius Peppers on the Bears and the Online Coop play I also like and yes this is also the first football game I ever played online.

The graphics and character detail is nice looking as well as the new animations thanks to Pro-Tak but the voice acting could have been better and the Half-Time shows and Extra Point show could have had more detail put into them.

Overall I enjoyed it and hopefully Madden NFL 12 will be something to look forward to.