Better luck next year... AGAIN

User Rating: 6.5 | Madden NFL 10 PS3
This game is crap in so many ways, starting with the f***ing soundtrack, it is the worst of all time, with so many new and kickass songs out, they fill it up with no-namers and miserabley annoying songs from crap metal to embarasing rap from Young Dre and Cypress Hill. They slaughtered 2pac's song, "Cant C Me", What is the whole point of listening to 2pac when they block out all terms of violence and bad language? The comentary is even worse than 09 (WHERE ARE YOU JOHN MADDEN?). The sidelined players are worse, they all wear the number 00 and look as enthused as a kid getting slippers on Christmas. The create-a-player is still bad news, you cant have your own hair, facial hair, or eyes. The mini-games still flat out suck (bring back 05's mini camp!). The superstar mode is improved but still uninspired, leaving you with fewer options and less rank to start out with. The franchise is at it's all time worst, where you get lost in the main menu and it is completly confusing. The rosters suck, take the Buffalo Bills for example, they underrate so many players like James Hardy, they overate Marshawn Lynch (impossible to tackle for loss) and they leave out players like QB Gibran Hamden and DE Chris Ellis (only to find them on the FA wire.
But on the bright side, the gameplay improved greatly with the ProTak system or whatever its called, delivering more realistic tackles. They bring back the squib kick (missing from 09). And the presentation is better, they dont just show the stadium in the wrong background, they show the fans buying hotdogs and the QBs warming up their arms. The graphics are somewhat better too. So if EA corrects their minor mistakes, Madden 11 should be great.