Re-hash of '09.

User Rating: 5 | Madden NFL 10 X360
The game offers nothing new worth writing home about. They added a few new points, like the fight for the fumble and gang tackles. I really enjoy The Extra Point in franchise mode, where you can get news from everything around the league. Great feature, but the game itself is the same thing as 2009. Some of the things are downright aggravating. The commentary was bearable for about two games. Every time the second half rolls around we get treated with the same phrase. "We have a good clean game today! No penalties and we're all the way to the third quarter!" And yes, this happens regardless of the fact that I had a penalty called on me on the very first play of the game. Glad to see we're watching the same game here. By the way, if you're playing a game on All-Pro or higher, you better get as many points in the first half as humanly possible, because the computer is going to be amazing the second half. You're going to tell me Matt Stafford can throw 17 completions in a row after completing 6 the entire first half? Maybe Stafford himself should sit down with this game. It will make him feel better about playing for the Lions.

Why do we need to see the QB on the phone after every single possession? Why do the refs have to meet in the middle of the field to determine a touchdown if it's within 2 yards of the end zone? Why, for the sweet love of Christ, are you only allowed to challenge plays when the game decides you're allowed to? It literally takes the whole point of challenges away. Countless times have I thrown incomplete passes that are called fumbles, that I lose to the defense, and the game WILL NOT let me challenge the fumble. And the icing on the cake of "what the hell is this game doing": when I run out of bounds, THE CLOCK DOES NOT STOP! Are you kidding me? How can you seriously create a football game that doesn't even follow the basic rules of football? Thank you for making me waste my timeouts. Thank you for monopolizing the NFL industry so that NFL Blitz can never again be. Thank you, EA, for pushing out the same broken game every year and making millions of dollars. You are perfect examples of corporate fat cats. You don't care about the game, you don't care about the gamers, and you put as little effort into making it as possible. And good job to all of the "game review" sites who credit this franchise and year after year throw great reviews at it. 9/10, 10/10, every year. You people shouldn't have a job. Well... at least Tiger Woods 10 is good.