The first Madden i bought since 05

User Rating: 9 | Madden NFL 09 X360
Nowadays when a madden comes out I'm usaully the first one to be skeptical on whether it will be a good game or not and after all the failed madden's b/f this one can someone blame me for feeling like this. The hype around this game did make me feel a bit different about it so i told myself "Don't write it off until you play the demo". So i waited for the demo and afterplaying it i felt like this game is different than the other pieces of crap EA put out and dared calling a madden game.
This game actually had substance. I know to some of you it might seem like i making the game better than it is, but in reality, compared to the other maddens, this game rocks. I won't go into detail b/c i don't get paid by this website, and there is the official review, but i would like to say this, if you never liked a madden game or were disappointed with the past installments, then look no further for that redeemer bc madden 09 is what they should of done when they first got the license.