I like football alot so Im biased but i love this game

User Rating: 9 | Madden NFL 08 PC
This is a great game. there are few people in the world who are truly football freaks like i am but seriously this game is great.

My favorite thing about this game is just how streamlined it is for the PC. This game took everything the NBA 2k has wrong with it on the PC and made it right. For instance if you want to quickly glance at the rosters and change teams and positions you can just scroll with the mouse which is an underrated but very important factor. When changing players ratings all you have to do is click then type it in rather than obnoxiously tap a button either way.

The gameplay is decent and certainly has its flaws. For one thing there are no double teams, so Julius Peppers coming off the edge will never get two linemen occupied. But also when Julius Peppers is one on one with a guard really he should basically get a sack every time which is not the case at all. That is a primary problem, interaction between defensive players and blockers is not realistic at all and that is a problem.

Also running the ball in the middle is never really a good idea. Most times youll see a huge hole then one of the D linemen will just all of a sudden be off his man and text book tackle you which is annoying. There are several other glittchy little problems with the game and perhaps the only way to really get over it is to love football like I do. SO

If you love football, and love seeing rosters and changing rosters and things like that then this is the game for you.