This game is worth the money, check in the bargin bin to find it.

User Rating: 8 | Madden NFL 08 X360
Madden NFL 2008

Publisher: Electronic arts: Sports
Developer: Eletronic arts: Tiburon
Platform: Xbox 360
Rated: Everyone
Released: August 14, 2007

The visuals for Madden NFL 2008 are ok, not great but good for a football sim that came out in 2007 for the 2007/2008 NFL season. So the graphic's for this game are a bit dated but not to much, and remember this more of a updated review on this game rather a new one cause this game has been out for some time and their is not much I can say on the visuals, but infact that the visuals are good the menu's are nice to look at as well.

The audio for this game is good, the play-by-play is great with John Madden on the mike, the music for the game great, the sound of the player's and all of the on field sound's are great as well and once again this just more like a updated review on a good football game.

Well the game-play for Madden 2008 is basically straight forward, you can select between season, a great franchise mode that allow's you to control the team's function's from setting team's ticket prices to, setting the revenue's price's on parking and memorabilia, to even re-sign your player's contract's up which I thought was cool in this game. The game-play on playing a game pretty straight forward call a play if you are on offence or on defence it's pretty easy to master. Oh yeah I almost forgot that their is a mode where you can take your team and practice with them so you or anyone in general can get better at the game.

The overall on this game is simple and it's worth checking out and I do believe it is very cheap now a day's so check it out if you are in to football.

8.5 out of 10