One of the best sports games on the Wii.

User Rating: 9 | Madden NFL 08 WII
Madden 08 is one of the best games I have ever played for the Wii. With the Franchise mode or even the NFL Rookie Mode where you create a person and get drafted to a team and live a life of a NFL Superstar. The Franchise Mode puts you in the spot for being the coach for your favorite team. You can fire or hire players, raise ticket prices, or even have a total simulation of the game where you only choose the plays. In the NFL Rookie mode you can choose everything for your player in creation except the annoying fact that you don't choose your hair. You have to keep going back and forth until you find the right hair that you like. But, you can choose your beard. At first you start out in training camp with all the interviews and stuff. You can even choose an agent for yourself and be in movies. The graphics are amazing for the Wii at that time. The trading feature is realistic with teams rejecting horrible choices and total rip-offs.

I rate this game 9.0 because of some minor problems that you wouldn't care about if you bought for the pure football.