is this really a next-gen game with tighter gameplay??? are you kidding me?! My 24 point wish list for Madden '09

User Rating: 3 | Madden NFL 08 PS3
The official review on this site was all about improved gameplay, same graphics.

I don't know which game they were playing. Madden '07 on PS2 has a much better gameplay than any PS3 versions out there, Madden '08 included.

I mean... you use the hit stick and the player freezes in place. You hit the pass button and the quarterback waits until he gets sacked. You go for a jumping tackle and the player goes everywhere BUT where the ball is. Sure, there are a few more animations here and there... but it's lust trying to polish a turd.

It doesn't have ANY graphics improvements, nor did it fix any of the previous bugs. Actually, it seems to play slower than the previous version. Lots of freeze frames between plays and animations. The game actually crapped out on me a few times.

Overall, this still feels like the game wasn't produced... just repackaged with more un-needed features (weapons) and a roster update. Training camp is pretty useless and point assignment is awfully wrong. Annoying announcer still can't be turned off as a default setting (you had to go in there EVER TIME as they hit the field). Madden on PS3 had such great potential an EA really messed this up.

EA, if you're listening, please pay attention:

1) take the gameplay of Madden '07 on PS2 and tighten that a bit.

2) have a true training camp where your players can increase their awareness, speed, etc, based on specific plays/drills. Choose to allocate points how the user sees fit

3) make players more realistic. Faces and body types need much work.

4) when injury happens, depending on the severity, show replay, get medical staff on field, show other players getting towels, drinks, talking to coaches, huddle up next to the player, ambulance, stretcher, thumbs up, crowd cheers as we know everything's fine.

5) when you're controlling a player, depending on their abilities, they go into "the zone" when things slow down: as a running back, you can see where the hole is going to be; as a quarterback, you have a bit more time to throw the ball; as a db, you can see where the ball is headed... stuff like that.

6) need to introduce lateral passes and punching balls out

7) where are the officials on the field and where is the coaching staff on the sidelines? Why are the players on the sidelines acting like fat clone puppets doing the same thing at the same time?

8) smooth out transitions between plays and between play selection.

9) make the next version a download and reduce the price by $20

10) make title championships and superbowl ceremonies available

11) bring back the madden cards

12) let me save games at ANY POINT during the game, saving all my current accomplishments up to that point.

13) keep the highlight plays... that was a shiny point of madden '08

14) ring building is boring... scratch that

15) where are the trick plays??

16) why so much loading time for a PS3 "super-computer"?? 17) update animations. players running looks very artificial. compare that to actual real NFL action... (hint: players move their whole body, not just arms and legs)

18) where are the mascots by the field goal post??

19) why are fans never seen leaving seats, eating food, showing signs? they definitely need a major next-gen overhaul

20) where are all the camera folks? I see the cameras... but no body... there's never anyone on sidelines.

21) have a "home team advantage" guage that increases false start penalties for the visiting Team (when "momentum" guage is going strong.. more on that next)

22) have a "momentum" guage for teams that are on a roll during a game. You can steal momentum away in real life...

23) leverage the hit stick to have tacklers hit in the direction you're pointing the hit stick to (and use L3 or R3 for a big hit/trucking)

24) if it's in the game... IT HAS TO BE IN THE GAME!!