When comes down to gameplay Madden scores a touchdown but when its online play it misses the field goal

User Rating: 8.5 | Madden NFL 08 PS3
Madden 08 finally makes its debut on the playstation 3 with the Athlete Vince Young on the cover. I dont think he's gained the superstar status of an nfl player like Ladanian Thomas but he's a popular player and a good choice to hold the madden cover.

The game consists of modes such as mini games which include the 40 yard dash which i still haven't mastered, QB drills, RB Drills, linebacker drills, and bench-pressing. You use these drills depending on what type of player you chose in NFL Superstar mode also. That mode is way improved from last year's version. The camera helps you actually see what your doing and what you need t odo. But sometimes your included in plays in a game that really dont make you do anything. The Franchise mode is excellent and it finally has a fantasy draft and it also includes Front Office mode which is also cool.

The Gameplay is perfect and the whole 30 fps isn't an issue while playing offline but it is an issue playing online. The game features a whole new system that classies players who hit hard and running backs who are fast. This is a good change in the Madden series and it helps generate mismatchs to penetrate defenses. The controls are perfect and they go nicely with the Hitstick 2.0. The new hitstick creates awesome animations that make sacks and interceptions realer than ever. The broadcasting is okay but the guy's voice isn't appealing and it gets annoying. The soundtrack sucks big time. I only like the song by Mims and the other one by Swizz Beatz but thats all the hip hop you get from mainstream.

Online play is just TERRIBLE. The game gets too laggy while playing an online opponent and they just leave and then you have to face the CPU which always wins. The framrate is a joke online a sick joke EA put into the Ps3. Its unacceptable and pisses me off.

Another feature I almost forgot is building up your ring which gets bling to see how good you are in the Madden series its cool b/c you can customize with your favorite team logo and it adds variety online. You can also practice against your previous oppenents and see what plays they did and thats pretty fly.

Madden is overall pretty good and it wont disaapoint fans of the series. The game is a big step forward but it is stll lacking some of the online features and gameplay that we PS3 owners dream of but that shouldn't discourage you of buying its fun and it gets intense so dont miss out and go for the kill.