Great Upgrade of 06

User Rating: 8 | Madden NFL 07 X360


As January 1,2008 I had a rule that I will only review a game after I completed it also when it refers to a Xbox 360 game I have to get all the achievements on the game. Now with these criteria it made reviewing Madden 07 a rather tough task. There are so many modes which rather gives replay ability value to the game and enduring game length. I will also try to bring out the notable differences between the previous release and the 07 offering.

Game play: 8/10

One of the first options you have is quick play. This option to just get right down to playing the game is a good way to learn the controls. While the depth of the controls and options might seem overwhelming. But with after a few games familiarity with the offense and defense controller layout will become second nature. The play selection is the same with most teams but with slight differences between teams notably their defenses schemes. On the field playing either offense or defense is noticeable with each of the individual skills. Running, catching, blocking, tackling is rather quite fun and the controls make it easy to do all those moves. The season mode lets you manage and play any of the 32 teams. You manage everything from players and their salaries. You have plenty of off season activities from free agents to drafting players. The biggest problem is managing a good team while staying within the salary cap. The last mode is superstar mode. You star from being drafted (most of the time a team that you didn't want to go to) Your draft rating is dependant of a multitude of factors. One of my favorites is choosing what type of parents you have, which determines the attributes your superstar will have. There are also a few mini games that help increases you attributes but you can always simulate those. The difference between this mode and season is you can only play when your superstar is on the field and the only play option is what the head coach calls.

Graphics: 8/10

While the graphics were already decent with 06 offering and while it seems like the same look on the players, I find they look much better when the action starts. The modeling on all the players moving around is well done. The menu's are also updated.

Sound and Music: 7/10

Not much of an improvement here but then again there are only so many sounds one can hear in a football game. Some of the commentary does get repetitive and is more noticeable on season mode. The music in menus have been updated.

Difficulty: 2/10 (Degree of skill to enjoy the game)

If the game is set to easy, one can learn the game and controls very fast. Once the setting and sliders are set to a more rigid AI then it will require more skill and thought. With understanding the game and the team you're using, enjoying the game will be within a short time frame.

360 Achievements
Easy 1000 (Between 6-10 Hours) with mostly simulating seasons and superstar modes. The longest requiring you to play/simulate 30 seasons. No Achievements have any glitches but one does require you to have NCAA Football 07 to obtain.

Final Thoughts:

In comparison to 06 this is a much more complete game. While its still basically the same game it does offer more of a challenge and gives depth. With the price on used markets for a low price, it's a great value buy especially for a sports buff or a collector.