madden 2007 on the GBA is a suprisingly good game.

User Rating: 7 | Madden NFL 07 GBA
how can i start a football video game review?...well i can say that is alot better than you whould think.let start off in game play,the pass game is harder than the run game,you can only have 3-4 receivers on a play,some times you throw to a wide open receiver and he runs the other way,that frustrating but not big deal,when passing you have good time in the pocket but it is unrealalistic but this a game is on the gba give the pass game a the run game it is really easy at times but other times you get stuffed,there is one play you can always get a first down depending on your tailback,it doent hurt the game any with an easy run game but it doesnt do it any favors 7.0.the defensive game pretty hard to pick a play for a long pass or a short run but you can look at the bottom of the screen and the offenses formation you can basically keep the offense at bay but expect them to drop 14,28,defense rating special teams,kicking a 19-30 yard field goal no problem but 40yards+ field no way!,you can mostly kick a 31-39 yard field goal,but dont expect it,punting is simple 50 yards is easy so...8.0,sound,well when you have the same exact song in the menu i am not an audioslave fan so i gets anoying really anoying,otherwise in game sound al micheals and john madden say the exact same thing 50 times a game so i play withe the sound off,the sound of the crowd is fine the sound of paper rubbing together is bad,3.5 in the end it is a good game it has the right stuff to put it franchise mode is not in this but no big deal,so if you love football and you dont have football game for a console i whould defitinly recommend this game.