This was nearly the best Madden NFL game but it missed just something

User Rating: 8 | Madden NFL 07 X360
I'd like to start off by syaing that this game was a great game to play and to just have fun with it. I like how featured on the cover is Seattle Seahawks running back at the time Shaun Alexander. I like how the superstar mode is in this game because it lets you be your own NFL Superstars and control your future, your destiny your fate.
I like the season mode where you can control up to all the teams and play the 2006/2007 NFL Season. The game is great in these areas but in graphics and gameplay it still lacks a little. The graphics are improved from this years but they still seem too cartoony and too overdone. The gameplay is great no doubt but there is that spark that something is not right currently and I hope we see an improvement in gameplay in the next ediiton of this great expanding football franchise.

My Verdict:

Sound: B+
Graphics: C+
Gameplay: B
Overall: B

No doubt that this game is very fun to play but some areas of improvement are needed for it succeed.