Dreadgamer Dog

User Rating: 6.5 | Madden NFL 07 PS3
I think ps 3 sucks big time with all dese flaw controls and frame rate drops. Till now all the multi platform games tht have released onthe ps3 have had there issues .I feel sorry for SONY fans really:).I hope they come up with some good game s like gears of war , dead rising, saint s row etc. and also they change the controller to something better than this cheap plastic one.I just boght a ps3 already owning a xbox 360 being fooled by it s shiny looks but guess it wont be worth all the trouble gettin one guess i ll just sell it on ebay now and get a good price frm all those other crazy sony fans willing to spend a grand on this stupid console. Even the stupid old controller wch ve been long expird does no justice to game s wid six axis .it cant be no cooler even if it had a 10 axis . Sorry but the PS3 is a total let down and so is this title on ps3. Didnt mean to offend anyone by this review .