still not as good as ESPN 2K5

User Rating: 3.9 | Madden NFL 07 PS2
i cant believe that we still have 3 more years of the worst football game. this version of madden is exactly like last years version, except for the needless addition of lead be fair the hall of fame section of the offline play seems cool ,but it takes sooooo long to load and save anything in madden that it makes it more of a chore than anything. the online play is just as bad as ever; if you lose connection n the first quarter on the first play not only do you get a loss, but also a disconnect which subtracts like 60 - 80 points off your progress, meaning its easier to go through the 15-30 min. routine of creating a ner account and persona than continuing with your current user.the players in the game still look like aliens with their arms angling out like a blow up doll. if you dont play online do yourself a favor and avoid the -50 from your wallet.