The perfect football game.

User Rating: 9.5 | Madden NFL 07 WII
This is one of two Wii games that make me wish I did not sell my Wii. The other game is Tiger Woods 07.

Really, this game is so good it is worth owning a console for which i like almost no other games.

I played the Madden series since Madden 93 on the Genesis. This is the first one that really captured me since those old glory days.

The wii mote is the perfect medium for this game, makes playing as a quarterback very intuitive. We played almost exclusivly with Be a Pro (it might be called something different, I cant remember). Create your man, position, get drafted, and kick some ass.

I think one of the nice features about this particular wii version was that when your player was not on the field, you controlled the quarterback that was on the field. This was not the case with Madden 07 or 08 for the 360.

And to be completly honest, I expected the 360 version to be almost the same as this version. It was not, in fact it was so different I felt ripped off.

I would not have sold my Wii if I had known the two versions were so different in execution. The lack of wii controls was a sacrifice i was willing to make...

If I had only known then what I know now...