WHAT?! Why did they do that to Madagascar?

User Rating: 5 | DreamWorks Madagascar XBOX
Okay, let's get things straight. This game has nothing to do with the film at all. I mean....what have they done? They should have made the game directly BASED on the movie. How can this game have some characters that are NOT in the movie. That's just......crazy! Come to think of it, most of the game's plot is not related to the movie as well.

The graphics are somewhat good, but not good enough. They can mess up easily, and the game may be a little too challenging. However, that does not mean this game does not have problems. It somewhat freezes in the loading screen of some levels, and yet the coins you get to get those "Zoovenirs" are hard to find in some levels. The game can be quite enjoyable if you know how to play it.

The voices are well done in a yet perfect quality. Alex's voice is done by the legendary Ben Stiller, and his voice is nothing like it. The other voices are surprisingly awesome, and yet you can have a nice time playing the game if you like the movie with those voices.

I think this game should be considered bad anyway, because of a loose plot, bad graphics, and so on. Maybe you should rent this game if you do not like the movie.