This could actually be really good!

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Game Informer had a ton of info on the game in this month, and from what I understand, it's pretty much like Just Cause but in a huge apocalyptic desert setting. They seem to put a lot of effort into making this deserts interesting to explore and the amount of side content seems very reasonable. Kind of looking forward to this one now!

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@001011000101101: They destroyed any hope for me in that i can't have/find/create the interceptor. I don't want another car. This magna opus thing.

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Can't wait for this one. The fighting, car combat, exploring the wasteland, factions and cut-scenes all look freakin' awesome!! I think the GAME will have more "story" than the MOVIE. <G>. I only count 4 different buildable bodies in the E3 vids though..., hope there's a lot more. In fact, being a gearhead, I would have liked the car-customizing to be alot more in detail to be able to build the ridiculous stuff like the Giga-horse!

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Anyone heard about when/if a digital preload will be made available on xb1?