The cult classic FMV Light Gun Shooter draws it's gun at the PS3 but its aim isn't all that refined for a new audience.

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Back in the late 80s and the early 90s the Light Gun Genre enjoyed simplicity with it's audience but critics found that there wasn't much to them and having aged well overtime. That's true in a sense as nowadays all of the old Light Gun controllers can't work with modern TVs that we are using today like HDTV or 3D TVs. Back in the days where the genre had reverence many Light Gun games had one thing going for them which involved shooting clay pigeons or ducks but in 1990 American Laser Games released a game in the Arcade called Mad Dog McCree which stood out well among the crowd compared to what was available at the time. It was a Laser Disc Full Motion Video Game where the game was presented in live action with various real actors like Ben Zeller as the Prospector and Russ Dillen as the villainous Mad Dog himself. The game was a standout in the Arcades and have since become a cult classic by various sources dispute it's atrocious but funny acting and then it was then ported to different consoles like the 3DO, CD-I and the Mega CD (SEGA CD in US) which I should point out the review I did years ago for the game on the Mega CD received a Honorable Mention of Review of the week on my Gamespot channel and I felt really proud at the time I worked on it. It did also receive some modern day treatment by being released on the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, iOS and also the PlayStation 3 which is compatible with the PlayStation Move Controller and that is the version of the game I am going to be taking a look at this time.

Mad Dog McCree is a Light Gun Shooter set in the Wild West where Outlaw Mad Dog has kidnapped the mayor and his daughter and it's up to you or also a second player to clean up the city, take out Mag Dog and his gang and save the mayor and his daughter. Considering that this is a Light Gun game you are going to get much story out of it but however I do have some questions about the plot. How does the Prospector end up getting captured later on? And how can the Prospector survive getting shot in the beginning if you fail to save him. Well whatever it's an early 90s game but it is an early FMV game with some terrible acting but looking back at it in 2020 it's one of those acting is so bad that it ends up being good and it is very funny to watch at times.

Mad Dog McCree is a cult classic FMV Laser Disc Light Gun Game where you are in the Wild West against Mad Dog's men.
Mad Dog McCree is a cult classic FMV Laser Disc Light Gun Game where you are in the Wild West against Mad Dog's men.

After a prologue scene where you can either save or not save the Prospector from some of Mag Dog's men you get to choose a path where you want to go, you can go to the Saloon, the Bank, the Corral and the Sheriff's Office. Most stages involve shooting at what enemy appears on the screen before he gets a shot on you and you also have to avoid shooting innocent bystanders that appear as well. You'll take on enemies with the six shooter revolver but occasionally you will find a skull item that you can shoot which gives you a temporally 12 shot revolver which are mainly good for racking up points which I'll get back to soon.

You will need to play the game with the PSMove controller as it is not compatible with a standard Dual Shock 3 controller but the game does work fine with the Official Move Shooting Attachment or the Move Sharp Shooter for the PS3 or any kind of Light Gun Shell Attachment you have for your PS3 Move Device. The calibration uses that horrible two way system which does not represent proper Light Gun accuracy and you will spend about a minute or two having to get the device to be at the accuracy that you would want it to be especially if you want to use the Light Gun Attachments for the PS3 which you should be. On the plus side it does offer a handy cursor showing you where you are aiming like with the Nintendo Wii shooters and it is pretty useful even if it removes the feeling of playing a game with a proper gun controller like in the arcade.

Shooting enemies does cause them to fall down in hilarious ways you'll see enemies fall off railings, chairs rooftops and even into the water and it is absolutely funny to watch at times. The acting in the game is like I said it's so bad but it is one of those where the acting is so bad that it ends up being good to watch. Be careful to avoid getting shot or shooting bystanders because if any of those happen then you'll be visiting the Undertaker where you'll lose a life as he makes light and criticizes your performance and wants you to “Get Gud”. (Well not literally.)

You'll no doubt be seeing the Undertaker a fair amount of times because of the difficulty in some areas as well as some small problems like the hit detection. Now you have to make sure that you shoot an enemy at the right time or else it doesn't count, there is 1 or 2 areas in the whole game where you have to shoot something in a very specific spot instead of the on screen enemy but otherwise you have to aim at the enemy at the right time to shoot them and if you are a second late you'll get shot. There are times you could be shooting at the enemy that is about to shoot you but sometimes it doesn't count as a hit because you aimed one or two pixels away when it looked like you actually hit them. It might be a sign of bad programming on the developers part and it does make the shooting a little problematic at times. Another main issue is mainly regarded to this version of the game is the picture brightness, the quality itself is good for being brought up to HD but however it is much darker in brightness compared to the Nintendo Wii version which was more brighter, it does make parts of the game harder to see especially the inside of the Corral which is one of the more harder parts of the game and you will lose a fair bit of lives because you couldn't see where an enemy was hiding because of the quality of the picture.

You will be ending up losing a lot of lives and you will be forced to use a continue which takes away all of your score. Continuing will throw you into a Showdown where in the Wild West two men draw their guns out and shoot when the clock strikes the hour. In this version you lower the Move Controller then the “DRAW” sign is on screen and then shoot. These aren't difficult but are decently fun enough and break up the formula of shooting bad guys in the main stages. Once you deal with Mad Dog's men in the city you will find the Prospector and save him, go to the mine to get the Map, fight your way through more of Mad Dog's men before reaching his hideout where you save the mayor and lastly have a showdown against Mad Dog and save the mayor's daughter.

Unless you have played the game multiple times in the Arcades or on consoles you wouldn't know some of the things you have to do in order to beat the game plus there are a few surprises that is going to catch a first time player of guard. Beating through the game will come down to memorising what is about to come up and being fast on the trigger button before an enemy shoots you first and it works on some of the stages while on other stages the enemies appears randomly. You also need to pay attention to some of the things the characters say to you as well which will help you progress further in the game as well as blindly shooting things isn't going to guarantee success in the long run.

This version of the game has a new scoring system where if you manage to hit a multiple amount of enemies without reloading your gun or missing a shot your score multiplies and the more you shoot down in a row without reloading or missing the higher your score will be. Also the difficulty that you select also affects the score that you get from enemies as well. The game has a leaderboards system where your best scores are competed with other players around the world so if you are playing for a high score then you have got a good enough reason to replay it again.

Overall dispute the picture quality and the game's hit detection issues Mad Dog McCree is still fun to blast through especially with a friend but however the quality, the awful but funny acting and the gameplay has not aged all that well and it isn't as fun compared to other Light Gun Shooters in the 90s. The PS3 version of the game can be purchased on the PSN Store and it does support unlockable trophies that are easy to get as well as online leaderboards. If you think that it is worth the £ 6.49 price tag then grab a PSMove with a optional Light Gun Attachment and head down to the Wild West for the classic showdown against Mad Dog.


Game Score: 5.5/10


Game Title: Mad Dog McCree

Platform: PlayStation 3

Developer: Digital Leisure Inc.

Genre: Light Gun Shooter

Age Rating: PEGI: 16+

Release Date: 23rd January 2013 (Europe)


The Good Points:


Awful but funny acting that has it's charm

Has everything from the Arcade Game including the Showdowns

Works fine with the PS Move Controller

The Bad Points:


Darker Image Quality

Poor Hit Detection at times


Reviewed by: Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)